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  • "Attending Quantum University online was the best decision I've ever made...becoming a student changed my life because it actually gave me the knowledge and the foundation to move into integrative medicine."
    Jere Rivera-Dugenio
    Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine
  • "I would recommend Quantum University to anyone. It's a great foundation to open your mind...to what's existed all around us for thousands of years."
    Dr. Gerda Edwards, PhD
    Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine
  • "Quantum University has expanded the knowledge that I originally had, as well as given me some more interest in some other opportunities I never thought I would have."
    Dr. Vienna Lafrenz, PhD
    Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine
  • "Each time I started a new class, wow, this is so exciting! I'm learning something so beautiful! I couldn't even wait. I can only testify that you get all the support that you need from the Quantum University staff. "
    Jeanne-Rachel Salomon
    Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine
  • "I was looking for answers. I was looking for something that would put the pieces together for me, the missing link...I found them."
    Cindy Elsburry
  • "Quantum University changed my life."
    Muriel Compton
    Bachelor of Holistic Health Sciences
  • "Dr. Paul is always sharing wonderful information."
    Veronica Mitchell
    Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences
  • "I enjoyed getting my education from Quantum University. The flexibility of class schedule was essential for me."
    Justin Reese
    Doctor of Natural Medicine
  • "I was a Registered Nurse working in a busy Medical Surgery department. This has changed my life because now I am finally taking a stand for what will really help people heal and also start a practice where I can assist those who are looking beyond treating symptoms get to the real issues."
    Beverley Walker
    Registered Nurse
  • "Quantum University is doing a great job of educating people of the science behind holistic health."
    Punita Krishnatry
    Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences
  • I am truly grateful for a doctorate program that meet my needs as a working profession in health care. The ability to do my course work on-line facilitated my completion of the doctorate program and to help me achieve my career goals.
    Kirstie Segarra
    Doctor of Integrative Medicine
  • My experience with Quantum University was life changing. It allowed me to further my education in a field I love that would not have been available to me anywhere else.
    Marlies Csabay
    Doctorate & PhD in Natural Medicine
  • An excellent and thorough grounding in quantum physics and its relationship to healthcare.
    Dr. Michael Christian
    Doctorate & PhD in Integrative Medicine
  • Quantum University opened a whole new world for me. I admit I was skeptical at first even with the word "Quantum Medicine" but after listening to the lectures by renowned professors, I got so excited for the new learning and vision of a new future form of medicine.
    Dr. Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi
    Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine

Creative Integrative Medicine

Modern medicine is in a critical situation. Somehow, it has lost its soul. During the last century its roots have grown in a materialistic foundation that acknowledges only an infinitesimal part of reality. The tree of medicine has to be transplanted into new soil where its roots can be deepened, and interlaced to reach a more complex source of healing knowledge, bringing together all traditions of healing.

Dr. Paul Drouin Quantum University Founder

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Acquire leading-edge knowledge of integrative medicine and practical skills that are in high demand in today’s healthcare industry, which you can directly apply to achieving your professional career goals.

Earn Credentials

Qualify for internationally-recognized healthcare credentials that enhance your professional career and lead to social and professional recognition in the academic world, your field of practice, and the health industry.

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Becoming board certified in your professional field confirms you as an authority in the domain of integrative medicine and increases your potential for advancement in your career and for opening your own practice.

Learn from the Best

Learn from renowned faculty members within the fields of quantum physics and medicine. Study an integrative medical curriculum through online videos, documents, exams, and other innovative learning technologies.

Earn Your Degree in Integrative Medicine 

Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate & PhD Degrees – Ask about Our Fast Track Degree Program

How Do I Earn a Degree?

Since 2007, Quantum University has been an online degree-granting university in the State of Hawaii. Students earn bona fide bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and PhD degrees at Quantum University. Quantum University’s degree programs are accredited by over a dozen professional certification boards.

After graduation, Quantum University students can apply directly to the following boards to become board certified:

  • Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners (BNMDP)
  • Board of Integrative Medicine (BOIM)
  • American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM)
  • American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA)
  • World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM)
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
  • American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA)
  • And many more.

These organizations issue professional credentials and titles to Quantum University graduates.

What Will I Learn?

Quantum University and its world-renowned faculty members teach a variety of advanced concepts of integrative medicine, including:

  • Biology of Belief, with Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • Five Pillars of Health, and many more, with Dr. Paul Drouin
  • Creative Integrative Healthcare, with Dr. Paul Drouin
  • The Quantum Doctor, and others, with Dr. Amit Goswami
  • The Field Trilogy Masterclass, with Lynne McTaggart
  • Auriculotherapy Training, with Dr. Terry Oleson
  • Subtle Energy, with Dr. Yury Kronn
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with Dr. Patrick K. Porter
  • Brain and Neuroplasticity, with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Our video and textbook courses cover stimulating topics such as quantum medicine, anatomy, aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, biofeedback, conscious and unconscious biofeedback, biology, deontology, hematology, Hamer medicine, herbology, human consciousness, psychology, homeopathy, homotoxicology, biology, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), naturopathy, hormonology, neurolinguistics, mind-based wellness, nutrition, Taoist medicine, and much more.

As a student, you will be inspired by this unique curriculum in natural and integrative medicine and learn many science-based subjects, technologies, and protocols that will empower you with the knowledge, language, and confidence to work successfully with clients and help others in need.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Quantum physics is the science that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. It explains from the smallest particle how the entire universe works. The discoveries of quantum physics fundamentally changed how we perceive our entire reality and how we understand everything. Quantum physics is at the leading edge of computer science and modern technology.

From the fastest and most secure computers in the world to your everyday grocery store scanner, the application of quantum physics is everywhere. So, why is it not used to understand medicine? Why do doctors continue to use Newtonian physics to understand medicine? Most importantly, why is quantum physics not taught at medical schools? At Quantum University, we decided to change all of this. We use quantum physics to explain how medicine works. In doing so, our student and graduates better understand health and disease.

We believe that medical education must be transformed by a vision of health defined by quantum physics. It’s not just about the smallest quanta particle. It’s about understanding our entire universe, our reality, the field, consciousness, and how this understanding can be applied to improving how we practice medicine and how we heal each other. At Quantum University, world-class educators and leaders have come together to create an innovative new model of education and a curriculum that incorporates the key concepts of quantum physics. This curriculum provides us with a coherent, practical, and multidimensional model that is truly representative of the term Integrative Medicine.

Degree Program Fast Tracks

At Quantum University, individual degree programs can be combined into degree program tracks, also known as “Fast Track” or “Professional Track.” These programs can include the Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, and PhD degree programs in Natural and Integrative Medicine. These degree program tracks allow students to enroll in two or three degrees simultaneously.

For example, Quantum University offers:

Bachelor to PhD in Natural Medicine – Fast Track

1) Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences

2) Master in Natural Medicine

3) Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine

Master, Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine – Professional Track

1) Master in Integrative Medicine

2) Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine

Quantum University students are often busy professionals who have a clear vision of their career goals. We have designed degree program tracks to save our students both time and money. These degree program tracks expedite the completion of your degrees since you are enrolling for all the degrees simultaneously.

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