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  • "Attending Quantum University online was the best decision I've ever made...becoming a student changed my life because it actually gave me the knowledge and the foundation to move into integrative medicine."
    Jere Rivera-Dugenio
    Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine
  • "I would recommend Quantum University to anyone. It's a great foundation to open your mind...to what's existed all around us for thousands of years."
    Dr. Gerda Edwards, PhD
    Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine
  • "Quantum University has expanded the knowledge that I originally had, as well as given me some more interest in some other opportunities I never thought I would have."
    Dr. Vienna Lafrenz, PhD
    Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine
  • "Each time I started a new class, wow, this is so exciting! I'm learning something so beautiful! I couldn't even wait. I can only testify that you get all the support that you need from the Quantum University staff. "
    Jeanne-Rachel Salomon
    Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine
  • "I was looking for answers. I was looking for something that would put the pieces together for me, the missing link...I found them."
    Cindy Elsburry
  • "Quantum University changed my life."
    Muriel Compton
    Bachelor of Holistic Health Sciences
  • Dr. Paul is always sharing wonderful information.
    Veronica Mitchell
    Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences

Creative Integrative Medicine

By training nurses and healthcare practitioners in holistic healing modalities and evaluation techniques, we have the opportunity to define a new area of specialization and redefine their role within the healthcare system. By getting a degree in Holistic Medicine, they will be able to serve as one of the driving forces behind a profound transformation of the future of medical care.

Dr. Paul Drouin Quantum University Founder

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Explore the fascinating world of Integrative, Holistic Medicine - and further your education to advance your career.

Learn from Anywhere

Quantum University boasts over 9,000 students from 70 different countries. No matter where you are located you can still get your degree online.

Self Paced Courses

Today we are busier than ever but that shouldn't get in the way of your education goals. Our courses and degree programs are 100% self paced.

Become an Authority

Becoming board certified in your professional field confirms you as an authority in holistic medicine & increases your potential for advancement.

Learn from the Best

Our faculty consists of some of the most prestigious names in medicine and quantum physics. Learn from the pioneers in this new field of integrative medicine.

Our Curriculum at Quantum University Includes
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There is nothing more important than helping you achieve your goals. Earn a degree in Holistic Medicine. Request information to learn more!


Learn how Quantum University has helped students from all over the world achieve their career goals.

Talk with an Advisor Today!

There is nothing more important than helping you achieve your goals. Earn a degree in Holistic Medicine. Request information to learn more!

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