Optimize Your Coaching Services with Exponential Healthcare

Dr. Rachel Eva Dew is a double-board certified Doctor of Natural and Integrative Medicine. She is additionally certified in more than 20 healing modalities that support her integrative approach to whole-person health and well-being and has been in clinical practice for over 20 years. Rachel is the co-founder and CEO of ModiHealth, a whole-person virtual care platform that provides users with every type of integrative healthcare as well as wellness support under one virtual roof.

Optimize Your Coaching Services with Exponential Healthcare


Course Credit Hours: 85 hours
Course Instructor: Dr. Rachel Eva Dew, DNM, PhD
Registration Fee: $750

The Optimize Your Coaching Services with Exponential Healthcare course is designed to help you successfully build and launch your business or expand your current business through innovative technology. This course is different from any other business course because it is specifically designed for coaches and practitioners in the helping fields and introduces unique ways to optimize both private practice and client/patient outcomes.

The Optimize Your Coaching Services with Exponential Healthcare course will teach you the nuts and bolts of the systems and structure of the building and running of an effective virtual private practice, recurring financial models, and best practices for utilizing technology and maintaining clients. You will no longer waste time and energy trying to reinvent the wheel. This course will teach you and provide access to a system and platform that works.

Course Topics

  1. Private Practice in a Digital World
  2. The Future of Coaching and Private Practice
  3. Building Sustainable Revenue as a Practitioner/Coach
  4. Growing Your Health Business in a Fast-Changing Landscape
  5. Post-Pandemic Business Growth
  6. Financial Thriving as a Healer
  7. Best Practices and Use of Technology for Coaches
  8. Exponential Healthcare Platform Tools

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Effectively coach clients virtually around the world
  2. Effectively apply this material to telehealth services and clinical private practice
  3. Have the tools to build a sustainable virtual private practice
  4. Be eligible for a white-labeled Exponential Healthcare platform

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