Electrophotonics and Bio-Well

Electrophotonics and Bio-Well


Course Name: Electrophotonics and Bio-Well
Credit Hours: 85 Hours
Course Instructor: Gaetan Chevalier, PhD
Registration Fee: $750

Any disease or misalignment is the result of many years of development. Problems don’t just appear out of thin air; they slowly work their way through different levels of organisms one after another. At first the body’s quantum bio-energy lowers, then the balance of that quantum energy decreases resulting in imbalances and possible deficiencies in chemical levels, immune system function, and different molecules, hormones, and other components found in blood, saliva, urine. Finally, physiological functions of organs and system operations become compromised resulting in disease. Only then will the symptoms start to be apparent for most people. With the Bio-Well, we can detect potential regions of weak or imbalanced bio-energy which are likely to be problem areas in the future. The knowledge provided by the Bio-Well  will give you the information you need to intervene and to correct potential problems before they manifest as diseases.

With the Bio-Well, you can also check the influence of different objects on the Energy Field, such as different products or medications. You will be able to see the bio-energy (through the Energy Field parameter) balance and its balance improve as well as the entropy line of the displayed graph drop if the product is good for you or your clients. This way you may select pieces of gemstones or jewelry that are most beneficial for you or your clients. The appropriate medication, food, and water can also be selected so the wrong products can be easily avoided at the onset. Just by selecting appropriate food and water, you can greatly improve your health. Many people react to hidden, weak allergens, which may be ordinary products, or smells, or other hidden causes in the environment. It is possible to find these allergens through special blood tests, but this can be done only in specialized laboratories. With the Bio-Well, you may check for these allergens for yourself, your friends, and relatives at home. You can also use the Sputnik for measuring the quantum energy level of space in the surrounding environment and the effects of meditation or other practices on space or use the Water Sensor to measure the quantum energy in liquids.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze and understand the advantages of electrophotonic imaging/ gas discharge visualization (EPI/GDV) bioelectrography techniques.
  • Be able to provide non-invasive, painless, and almost immediate evaluation which can highlight potential health abnormalities.
  • Understand what the EPI method measures in physical terms and how stimulation of photon and electron emissions displays different patterns and different meanings.
  • Understand what the primary parameters derived from the glow generated around fingers (called BIO-grams) such as Area, Intensity, Energy, Normalized Area, Entropy Coefficient, Form Coefficient, Inner Noise, and Stress Coefficient represent.
  • Develop strategies for the analysis of these parameters.
  • Elaborate on what the EPI method measures in physiological terms.
  • Learn recommended procedures for recording BIO-grams, calibration of the Bio-Well, checking the captured parameters, and best practices to ensure you are recording accurate results.
  • Analyze the human energy field and understand levels and zones of deficiency/excess and homeostasis.
  • Gain an insight into the most sensitive reflection of the physical, emotional, and, in some cases, spiritual condition of a person.
  • Learn how to monitor a client’s condition during treatment. EPI bioelectrography offered through the Bio-Well  is a unique method for monitoring the condition of the client during any kind of influence.
  • Explore the analysis of the psychological condition of a client by evaluating the alignment of the chakras and the sympathetic, parasympathetic balance of the client.
  • Monitor the time dynamics of the energy of the environment with the Sputnik to test different locations, finding places of calm or turbulent quantum energy, as well as measure the quantum energy in places of power and test for geo-active stress zones.
  • Monitor the time dynamics of the energy of water with the Water Sensor to test different types of waters, finding waters of calm or turbulent quantum energy. Measure the energies absorbed by water under different conditions.

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