Auriculotherapy Training

Dr. Terry Oleson is an internationally-known lecturer in the field of auriculotherapy. He received his PhD in Psychobiology from the University of California at Irvine in 1973 and went on to conduct pioneering research on auricular diagnosis and auricular acupuncture at the UCLA Pain Management Center. Dr. Oleson has published over 30 scientific articles and two books on auricular acupuncture, including the Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture and the International Handbook of Ear Reflex Points.

Auriculotherapy Training


Presenter: Dr. Terry Oleson
Duration: 30 Hours
Certificates: 30 CEUs


Auricular acupuncture and auriculotherapy presents the most essential clinical procedures for stimulating ear reflex points for the alleviation of pain, addiction, and stress-related disorders. It will also serve as the review course of basic auriculotherapy material needed for the ACI Certification Exam. This course provides fundamental knowledge of the somatotopic correspondence of the physical body to the inverted fetus pattern represented on the external ear.

The historical, theoretical, and anatomical localization of Chinese and European systems of auriculotherapy will be presented. Specific auricular treatment plans for the relief of visceral, musculoskeletal, and neuropathic pain will be described. Both didactic presentations and hands-on training will facilitate a deeper understanding of the auriculotherapy practices that allow optimal integration of the microsystem of the ear with the macrosystem of the body.

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