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The Digital Health Market is Booming

A Growing Industry

In 2016, the global digital health market was at $179.6 billion. Growth in this market is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 13.4% between 2017 and 2025, reaching $536.6 billion by the end of 2025.


Trained Practitioners Needed

The remote patient monitoring market, which allows a medical professional to remotely monitor & interpret a patient's data in real time, is expected to increase by approx. 13.2% per year until 2020.


People are Interested

Medical research firm Parks Associates released a report showing that 60% of U.S. households with broadband access “are interested in remote care that would take place online or by telephone.”


Are You Ready to be a Leader in the Quantum Medicine Movement?

Learn the latest digital health technologies in Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and Heart-Rate Variability monitoring.
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Back-to-School is the BEST TIME to Enroll! 

We are offering the highest tuition awards of the year. Take advantage of this special offer and realize your dreams of a career in Quantum Medicine

Enroll in a degree program by January 30th to take advantage of this special offer. Depending on the tuition plan you choose when enrolling in a degree program, you can receive:

  • Tuition Savings up to $6,000
  • iPad Education Tablet – See Tools
  • Muse 2 Brain-Sensing Headband  – See Tools
  • 3-Months Free Muse Professional – See Tools
  • Pro-Consciousness Meditation Course – See Courses
  • Heart-Rate Variability Course – See Courses

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Quantum University is a great place to learn a new understanding of health and a new way of controlling biology on this planet.

Dr. Bruce Lipton Quantum University Faculty Member

Get Board Certified as a Doctor of Integrative or Natural Medicine

Quantum University offers a Doctorate and PhD in Natural or Integrative Medicine.
These degree programs are designed to provide healthcare practitioners a multidimensional model of integrative quantum medicine, implemented with diverse modalities based on an understanding of quantum physics such as anatomy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, neurofeedback, biofeedback, biology, hematology, herbology, homeopathy, homotoxicology, hormonology, neurolinguistics, nutrition, psychology, and Taoist medicine.

*Quantum University also offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
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Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine

Acronym Board Title Certification
BNMDP Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioner DNM Doctor in Natural Medicine
ANMCB American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board BCDNM Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine

Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine

Acronym Board Title Certification
BOIM Board of Integrative Medicine IMD Integrative Medicine Doctor
ANMCB American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board BCDIM Board Certified Doctor of Integrative Medicine

At Quantum University, individual degree programs can be combined into degree program tracks, also known as “Fast Track” or “Professional Track.” These programs can include the Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, and PhD degree programs in Natural and Integrative Medicine.

These degree program tracks allow students to enroll into two or three degrees simultaneously.

For example, Quantum University offers:

Bachelor to PhD in Natural Medicine - Fast Track

1) Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences

2) Master in Natural Medicine

3) Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine


Master, Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine - Professional Track

1) Master in Integrative Medicine

2) Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine

Quantum University students are often busy professionals who have a clear vision of their career goals. We have designed degree program tracks to save our students both time and money.

These degree program tracks expedite the completion of your degrees since you are enrolling for all the degrees simultaneously. When your registration form is processed, you are given access to all your degree programs and courses. Your Faculty Mentor will guide you through the recommended order to complete these courses. This way, you can earn degrees and achieve your professional goals quickly by eliminating re-enrollment after the completion of each individual degree.

This is also an additional way to reduce your tuition costs when enrolling at Quantum University. Combining degree programs allows students to combine the tuition cost of all degree programs into one tuition payment plan that qualifies for additional tuition awards. Enrolling separately in each program limits the level of tuition awards offered to you by the Admissions department.

The Humanitarian Program allows students to give back hours of humanitarian service in exchange for higher tuition Awards. The World Organization of Natural Medicine only allows board certified DNMs and IMDs to participate or open a Clinic for Humanity. Enrolling in a fast or professional degree program track qualifies students to take advantage of the highest tuition Award savings possible.

Quantum University also offers Bachelor of Completion and Doctorate of Completion degrees to students who have higher education degrees that are not health related. These completion degrees automatically award credit for a predetermined set of equivalent courses from your chosen degree programs. Completion degrees can reduce the cost of tuition. For a student to be eligible, he or she must provide all their transcripts and diplomas to the admission department.

Be a Leader in Digital Health Technology

Set Yourself Apart from other Holistic Practitioners with Digital Neurofeedback and Heart-Rate Variability Training.

Muse Headband – Many clinicians and holistic health coaches work with Muse to monitor compliance and engagement, as well as extend client relationships outside of sessions, to create new revenue streams.

Muse Professional (Muse Connect) – A full-service program for professionals to help grow their practice and teach their clients meditation and heart-brain coherence techniques.

iPad Education – Reach your goals faster and more easily with iPad videos used in conjunction with our online education, virtual classrooms, and our exclusive superlearning advantage.

Guide your clients’ meditation habits by setting goals and keeping them accountable for their treatment, monitoring their progress.

A personalized dashboard tracks your clients’ at-home meditation practice with Muse, so you can view their progress in real-time.

With real-time metrics on your clients, you can identify who’s struggling to keep up with their practice, and offer helpful feedback to get them back on track.

Pro Consciousness Meditation presents a creative and profound way to enhance your practice of meditation, a path to effectively start a new discipline. This innovative course introduces a technology called T-squared Meditation, implementing concepts of quantum physics and the artful utilization of breath, soul mantra, and pre-informed crystals. This powerful meditation technique addresses the multidimensional nature of human reality, represented in the vital, mental, supramental, and bliss bodies. Meditation isn’t simple mindfulness or an altered state but involves transcending thought and entering into more refined brainwave states, which has powerful effects on our physiology. 

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Neurofeedback are like a mirror that allows us to see the signals from the mind-body system in real time. This insight enables us to observe and learn to gain control of heart and brain coherence.  This unique course reviews the autonomic nervous system (ANS), defines heart rate variability (HRV) and its connection to the ANS, and reviews HRV training and coherence techniques , summarizing important HRV data and statistical measures, clinical implications, and optimal breath rhythm and heart resonant frequency. The relationship of HRV to the brain and the gut will also be covered, as well as the concept of morphic resonance and collective consciousness.

There is a commonality that attracts people to Quantum University. Like-minded individuals, seekers of higher learning coming together as if attracted by a deep need to know…

John Hache 2017 Quantum University Graduate

Are You Ready to be a Leader in the Quantum Medicine Movement?

Learn the latest digital health technologies in Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and Heart-Rate Variability monitoring.
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