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The Enrollment Package Includes:


Enroll by August 30th and take advantage of this exclusive offer!

Up to $6,000 in Tuition Savings

The new era of healthcare has created exciting opportunities for practitioners to provide connected care at a distance. The adoption of this new innovation in healthcare, otherwise known as telehealth, has transformed the way practitioners are able to interact and care for their clients through remote patient monitoring, giving them the power to make well-informed decisions safely and comprehensively as they access client healthcare information live and as it is required. However, to join this revolution, practitioners not only need to find the perfect platform for their holistic healthcare business requirements, but are required to seek additional education to ensure they are set up for success from the get-go.

With this powerful Enrollment Package, we are extremely excited to introduce our own new turn-key telehealth solution ‘Exponential Healthcare’, coupled with complimentary access to the Exponential Health Coach Program, and bonus devices such as the BrainTap Bluetooth Headset and the Inner Balance by HeartMath, all in which will provide practitoners with key knowledge in how to measure, analyze, and track client’s health parameters and prepare them for this shift in technology. In addition, new students will be able to qualify to receive up to $6,000 in Tuition Savings (which includes our new Exponential Healthcare Award of up to $1,000).

To reap the benefits of this Enrollment Package, enroll by the 30th of August. Speak to one of our friendly Admission Advisors at 877-888-8970 and get started today!

The Exponential Health Coach Program

Exponential Healthcare Coaching is a new approach to healthcare in which holistic wellness practitioners are prepared with skills, information, and tools to assess health parameters, such as through smartphone and telemedicine technology, to gain insight into what individuals can do to take charge of their own health and reach their fullest health potential.

This innovative program by Quantum University will prepare you for the future of medicine by teaching you the fundamental requirements of digital medicine, integrated within the domain of quantum physics and consciousness. It will also pave the way for you to become certified and ready to start your Holistic Healthcare Business utilizing our new turn-key business solution, the ‘Exponential Healthcare Platform’ to effectively monitor, manage and communicate with your clients, all within as little as 6 months! You will be able to build your business and start earning an income WHILE you complete your degree program!

The Exponential Health Coach Program Courses

Pro-Consciousness Medicine

Holistic Anatomy

Heart Rate Variability

Digital Biofeedback


Coaching and Communication Skills

Client Relations and Professional Ethics

 Exponential Health Coach Certification Program (valued at $5,250)

Health Entrepreneur Course (valued at $750)

Certified Pro-Consciousness Meditation Health Coach Program (valued at $4,190)

Creative Healthcare Health Coach Program (valued at $4,500)

Methods in Breath, Movement and Creativity (valued at $750)

Speak to an Admission Advisor at 877-888-8970 to find out more about this amazing new opportunity with Exponential Healthcare!

The Biofield Technology Package!

Includes the Bio-field Technology Health Coach Program, 20% off the Bio-Well 2.0 Device AND $150 off the Bio-Well Advanced Certification Training with partners Heal and Thrive! (Total Value of $5,000)


Electrophotonics and Bio-Well

Science and the Benefits of PEMF Energy Medicine

Holistic Anatomy


Coaching and Communication Skills

Client Relations and Professional Ethics

Students will learn about Electrophotonics, how the disease process begins long before symptoms arise, and how to use the Bio-Well technology to detect potential regions of weak or imbalance bio-energy which are likely to become problem areas in the future. They will also learn about the connection between the human body’s magnetic fields and those of the earth, why Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is an essential element of health, and how to use it to boost energy and overall health. This unique program also includes in-depth training in Holistic Anatomy, Neurofeedback, Client Relations and Professional Ethics, and Coaching and Communication Skills.

Bio-Well 2.0 and Advanced Certification Training

Quantum University and ‘Heal & Thrive’ have partnered to bring our students some of the highest quality training and mentorship around for Subtle Energy Devices in Clinical Practice!

Enroll in a Degree Program with Quantum University by February 25th and not only will you receive the Biofield Technology Health Coach Program FREE, but you will receive a 20% discount on the Bio-Well 2.0 and $150 off the Bio-Well Advanced Certification Training with Heal and Thrive!

Bio-Well 2.0

The latest generation of Bio-Well GDV Camera. The Bio-Well 2.0 comes with a Calibration Unit, Filters and Case. It allows for improved stability and a higher level of reproducibility, as well as manually-controlled device ventilation and exclusive access to new features of the Bio-Well software.

Bio-Well Advanced Certification Training with Heal and Thrive

Learn foundational knowledge necessary to properly measure & quantify readings of the human energy field with an emphasis on clinical interpretation using the Bio-Well. The live online training is designed to over-flow your cup, stimulate your practice of the Bio-Well and it’s methods of informing practitioners about energy and stress. You will be certified at the end of the 2.5 Days and invited to be listed on the HEAL and THRIVE Practitioner Directory.

By the end of this training, you will have the necessary skills and background to:

  • Operate your Bio-Well with more confidence.
    Know key interpretation questions to ask your clients.
  • Discern Bio-Gram patterns and what they might mean, as well as different scan types and when to use them
  • And so much more…

Speak to an Admissions Advisor at 877-888-8970 to find out how you can qualify for this offer!

Highest Tuition Awards of the Year!

Take advantage of the largest tuition awards, available only during Back-to-School time.

The Tools You Need to be Successful

Receive the latest innovative tools, software, and technology to help you succeed.

Become a Quantum Health Coach

Become board certified while completing your degree & start earning income as a coach.

Introducing the Exponential Healthcare Platform

Exponential Healthcare is an innovative health and wellness platform offering a turnkey business solution for practitioners and a wealth of health and wellness education for their clients through virtual care.

As an Exponential Healthcare practitioner, you have access to Exponential Healthcare’s comprehensive wellness technology platform and app, which will provide you with a personal website and professional tools for:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Managing your clients and payments
  • Tracking clients’ health parameters
  • Monitoring clients’ health data from lab reports and wearable devices.

The Exponential Healthcare platform provides whole-person care from an integrative and virtual approach making your clients’ and your professional opportunities endless.

By enrolling with Quantum University by the August 30 deadline, you will recieve one month complimentary access to this new and exciting platform through the Quantum University Alumni Association. Please note, in order to recieve this access you must complete the Exponential Health Coach Program offered as part of this enrollment package.

Find out more by speaking with an Admission Advisor at 877-888-8970.

Smart Tab Education

Quantum University is proud to present the NEWEST addition to Quantum University, ‘Smart Tab Education’Quantum University has partnered with one of the leaders in technology, Lenovo, to bring to you best in class experience for your education needs. 

This exquisitely designed Lenovo Tab P11 Plus device is assembled with an aluminum body for durability and a rubberized layer providing additional grip for the user, creating a unibody design that’s industrial and sturdy. Its stunning 2K resolution on the 11 inch display offers superior streaming of your course content and first-class audio with Dolby Atmos® speakers which will drop you right in front of your course instructors! Enjoy cinematic, moving audio from your courses that flows above and around you for an immersive learning experience, reinforced with four-speaker stereo sound.

This lightweight device can have up to a 15 hour battery life, which means you can choose to study while traveling, and from whichever location your heart desires. To further support your education, this device is compatible with various distraction free apps! Download one on your device and let the Smart Tab do its magic! 

With your new pre-loaded Smart Tab, you will be able to access course documents, videos, exams, and the Quantum University website! The Quantum University curriculum was created with our students in mind, resulting in an efficient layout for completing your program at your own pace.

Please note, students residing outside the USA are responsible for custom duties. Please also note, even though programs are pre-loaded onto the tablet for offline viewing, you may be required to connect to the internet where YouTube videos are referenced.

The BrainTap Bluetooth Headset

Braintapping is a quick and easy way to optimize your brain’s peak potential—anytime, anywhere. Backed by neuroscience and research, BrainTap is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges.

Burnout paralyzes. BrainTap restores your ability, balance and energy. BrainTap breaks through the overwhelm and makes it possible for you to thrive in overdrive. Instead of feeling exhausted and disheartened, you have a fit and resilient brain with clear, focused thinking, and the confidence to make better choices.

BrainTap Bluetooth Headset

The BrainTap Headset brings a whole new dimension to your braintapping sessions by adding the restorative power of light frequency therapy. In addition to the sonic effect in the audio-sessions, the BrainTap Headset delivers gentle light pulses that travel through the ear meridians and the retina, sending direct signals to the brain and guiding you into extraordinary brain states that would otherwise take years of disciplined effort to achieve.

The BrainTap lets you reach deeper meditative states without years of disciplined practice, leading to mental clarity and intuition. It enhances sleep so you can awaken feeling rejuvenated and energized. It reduces stress, worry and irritability while supporting emotional stability and mental harmony. By achieving the right mindset, you can lessen negative self-talk and self-destructive impulses and overcome bad habits, freeing you to explore an expanded self-awareness with boundless creativity.

Watch Dr. Porter’s Interview on Good Morning Arizona HERE where he discusses the important of Brain Fitness in Education.

The Inner Balance™

Learn how to synchronize your heart, mind, and body to reset your composure and inner clarity, calm reactive emotions, and neutralize stress. This creates an inner state called coherence. The Inner Balance™ sensor and app teach you how to shift from stress and frustration to balance and resilience with real-time feedback.

The Inner Balance analyzes our heart rhythm, measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which indicates how emotional states are affecting our nervous system. HRV offers a unique window into the quality of communication between the heart and brain, which directly impacts how we feel and perform.

Watch Dr. Rollin McCraty of HeartMath Institute explain the “heart brain” and how heart coherence is now associated with a number of benefits to our mental landscape, cognitive function, and the efficient utilization of our inner energy resources.

Inner Balance

Use this free app along with Coherence Sensors to facilitate increased family, group or team coherence and heart connections. Family or team members can be located anywhere in the world. You can also join a global network of people who are collectively radiating heart-focused love and intention to the planet. The goal: To facilitate a shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to compassionate care, cooperation and increasing peace.

Using the Coherence Sensor, you will quickly learn to ease stress overload as you begin shifting and replacing emotional stress with emotional balance and coherence. Regular use has a “carryover effect” that builds and sustains your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Watch Dr. Rollin McCraty of HeartMath Institute explain the “heart brain” and how heart coherence is now associated with a number of benefits to our mental landscape, cognitive function, and the efficient utilization of our inner energy resources.

Introducing PureAir's Chemical-Free Surface & Food Sanitizing Technology




Chemical-Free Cleaning and Sanitizing System – Stop dangerous bacteria from spreading in your home, with the ultimate in Purification and Sanitization.

With this chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing surface protection system, all you need is water! Our Non-Toxic system inhibits the GROWTH OF MICROBES IN JUST 30 SECONDS, KILLING 99.9% OF BACTERIA.

The Powerful Sanitizer is good for 3000 hours of operation and provides protection for 5000 refills without any maintenance or replacement parts. Our technology transforms ordinary tap water by using our state-of-the-art electrolytic cell by creating a charge on a solid diamond plate which creates aqueous ozone (AO). The effectiveness of our system meets strict FDA requirements.

Keeping your home and family safe is important during these times, therefore we are offering this world-class technology product to new students this month! Speak to an Admission Advisor to find out if the degree program you enroll in qualifies for this amazing product!

iMRS System Live Training and Support from iMRS2000

To further support your studies and success in Energy Medicine, Quantum University has partnered with leading experts in iMRS PEMF Therapy Systems ‘iMRS2000‘ to directly supply you with up to 9 hours of extended training and support materials when you purchase your iMRS PEMF System from iMRS2000!

What are the benefits of PEMF Therapy?

PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field therapy)  increases microcirculation and energy flows, circulatory, lymph, nerve flow and meridian flow, kinetic or energy of movement and flow. It increases microcirculation in three ways, 1 – increases nitric oxide, 2 – reverses rouleau effect and 3 – lowers surface tension of water, blood, lymph and plasma. PEMF Therapy will also:

  1. Eliminate Pain & Inflammation Naturally
  2. Provide deep, rejuvenating sleep
  3. Increase energy and vitality
  4. Allow clients to feel younger, stronger and more flexible
  5. Keep the bones strong and healthy
  6. Help the body with healing and regeneration
  7. Improve circulation and heart health

iMRS2000 Exclusive Bonuses & Unparalleled Training

When you purchase an iMRS PEMF System from Quantum University’s trusted partners, ‘iMRS2000’ you will receive:

  1. Early access to exclusive Training Videos and supporting material, like:
    1. Energy Medicine Web Series & eBook
    2. PEMF The Fifth Element eBook
    3. Additional Chapters on Pain and insomnia
    4. PEMF Testimonial Database and research
  2. Live Basic Training with Customer Service Experts.
  3. First time user questions, troubleshooting, tips and tricks.
  4. Access to Exclusive Advanced Training & Guidelines Booklet
  5. Advanced Expert Training, Get help with a defined schedule and routine.
  6. Follow ups and Adjustments.

Speak to an Admissions Advisor at 877-888-8970 to find out how you can get started!

Certified Pro-Consciousness Meditation Health Coach Program!

Valued at $3,999!

The Pro-Consciousness Meditation Health Coach Certification Program provides in-depth training and scientific evidence for a powerful meditation technique that implements concepts of quantum physics and the artful utilization of Breath, Coherence Mantra, and Pre-Informed Crystals to address the multidimensional nature of our human reality. It also provides an in-depth look at our Holistic Anatomy, which is directly affected by this unique and innovative meditation technique.

In addition to our ground-breaking Pro-Consciousness Meditation course, this unique program includes important courses that expand your understanding of the invaluable effects of meditation, including training in Digital Biofeedback, Holistic Anatomy, Neurofeedback, Client Relations and Professional Ethics, and Coaching and Communications Skills. Today, through quantum physics, we can establish the scientific foundation of a holistic understanding of human anatomy that includes not only the physical aspect but also the nonlocal quantum nature of our being. It is important for meditators to become familiar with these concepts.

**please note, the PCM Health Coach Course will not include the Crystal Kit as part of this promotion. The Crystal Kit items can be purchased on www.projectnoosphere.com

Qlassroom Virtual Reality is BACK!

‘Qlassroom VR’ is Quantum University’s custom created Virtual Reality Education Platform. By using the HTC VIVE Focus Plus VR Headset, you will be able to experience this new digital technology and start studying within a Virtual Reality environment which has proven to provide students with a higher comprehension and retention rate JUST after two weeks!

With this enrollment package, we are offering complimentary access to the Qlassroom App and the HTC VIVE Focus Plus VR Headset which will come fully loaded with your course content! However, if you already have your own HTC VIVE Focus Plus Headset you can still gain access to the Qlassroom App at cost value. Speak to an Admission Advisor to find out more about your options!

With this new Qlassroom VR Experience, you will be able to:

  • Explore your own Qlassroom environment with the HTC VIVE Focus Plus (white) with no distractions.
  • Immerse yourself in a new digital learning experience as you watch your pre-loaded courses, offline.
  • Engage with a 3D Holistic Anatomy Model and learn about Chakras, the Meridians, the 5 bodies and more!

Please note: With this enrollment package, Quantum University is offering the HTC VIVE Focus Plus (white) FREE. If you already have a HTC VIVE Focus Plus VR Headset, you will only require access to the Qlassroom App. Speak to an Admission Advisor to find out how!

What is the HTC VIVE Focus Plus?

With a display resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye, plus a refresh rate of 75Hz, the VIVE Focus Plus headset offers some pretty impressive visuals for a standalone headset. The latest model also includes two motion sensors fitted with Chirp SonicTrack 6DoF ultrasonic + IMU fusion tracking to improve user mobility and haptic control significantly.   

Other Features of the VIVE Focus Plus include:  

  • Field Of View range of 110°
  • Built-in speakers & 2 noise-canceling microphones
  • A built-in rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours lifespan
  • A charging time 2 hours
  • USB 3.1 Type-C connection ports
  • An ergonomic design developed to fit 95% of head-types
  • Headset weight of 695g

Please note, students residing outside the USA are responsible for custom duties. Students residing outside the USA and Canada are responsible for shipping and insurance fees.


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Introducing the NEW Pain Resolution Health Coach Certification Program

Including a Microcurrent “Avazzia Life Genesis” device! 

For decades medicine has focused on eliminating pain with medication, rather than addressing the underlying cause. With microcurrent therapy, we have the potential to not only uncover the root cause of the pain, but to remove it. The Pain Resolution Health Coach program presents the basic requirements of coaching necessary to become board certified as a Quantum Health Coach, including a thorough understanding of how to use Microcurrent for Pain Resolution. 

Students will learn about the history of microcurrent therapy, the electrical potential of the body, microcurrent’s relationship to “frequency medicine,” its ability to resolve pain, the “Four Rules” of microcurrent, “meridianism,” and how to assist clients with a variety of different ailments. This unique program also includes in-depth training in Holistic Anatomy, Neurofeedback, as well as Client Relations and Professional Ethics, and Coaching and Communication Skills.

The Pain Resolution Health Coach Certification Program also prepares you to become certified as a Health Coach within just 3 – 6 months – certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Courses Included:

Meditation like you have never imagined

Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband

Muse 2 is a multi-sensor meditation device that provides real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to help you build a consistent meditation practice. Many clinicians and holistic health coaches work with Muse to monitor compliance and engagement, as well as extend client relationships outside of sessions, to create new revenue streams.

We’re offering all new qualifying students who enroll during Back-to-School a BONUS Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband (originally $250) to help support your new health coach business!

Your COMPLIMENTARY All Access Pass to the Immersive Wellness Medicine Summit 2021

After the formidable success of the Immersive Digital Coaching Summit, Quantum University returns with another transformative event that focuses on the immersive and evolving culture of Wellness Medicine.

The event is NEW virtual hybrid experience blending Webcasting, Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality technology.  This 4-day summit will be held 7 – 10, October 2021 and will feature inspiring conferences from 20 field experts around the globe discussing the finest technology in Energy Medicine. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in 20 x Live Q&A intimate Speaker Sessions where they can submit questions ahead of time to be answered by their preferred speaker during the live session.

IWMS 2021 will be host to exclusive Virtual Reality experiences that will allow attendees to become immersed in exciting demonstrations of the avant-garde technologies showcased by our Speakers and Exhibitors AND provide attendees with opportunities to meet with Quantum University Advisors and Mentors to learn more about the career-building degree programs we have available. The event will conclude with the Quantum University Student Graduation Ceremony!

As a NEW student of Quantum University, you will receive 1 x COMPLIMENTARY All Access Pass (worth $99) to the event.

Quantum Health Coach Program
Start Earning An Income WHILE Completing Your PhD!

Become a Certified Quantum Health Coach within 3-6 months!

Courses Included:

The Quantum Health Coach Program is 100% online, which means you can become a LEADER at the fore-front of the health coaching industry, in the comfort and safety of your own home! The program will empower you to be a wellness authority and mentor, motivating & supporting your clients to cultivate positive health choices with leading-edge knowledge & smart technology integration allowing you to treat them through digital platforms.

The focus of this new Quantum Health Coach program is to empower individuals concerning their health now that smartphone technology provides us easy access to a multitude of health parameters. This allows for the democratization of medicine, where the responsibility for health no longer relies solely on medical intervention but becomes a more balanced relationship between the client and their Health Coach.

In as little as 6 months from now, you can be certified as a Quantum Health Coach by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)!

What is a Quantum Health Coach?

What is a
Quantum Health Coach?

A Quantum Health Coach specializes in heart and brain coherence using biofeedback, heart rate variability, and neurofeedback technologies, coaching and training clients through the use of readily-available smartphone technologies.

Genetic test and biotechnology concept with medical technology devices

What Makes a
Quantum Health Coach Different?

A Quantum Health Coach differs from a traditional wellness or nutrition coach by focusing on the biofeedback and neurofeedback, using digital technologies, needed to support a client’s journey to achieve their full potential.

Portrait of beautiful female psychologist wearing glasses posing with clipboard in therapy office smiling to camera

Why Become a
Quantum Health Coach?

Set yourself apart from other types of health coaches, and become a cutting-edge board certified practitioner utilizing the latest scientific research and healing modalities to help coach your clients to optimum health. 

Introducing Qoach our latest Wellness App!

We are extremely excited to introduce to you our latest cutting edge platform, Qoach – a customized coaching app which will allow you to engage your clients, monitor their health patterns, and help them improve habits.

As part of the Quantum University family, you know that one of our core beliefs is that we should be educated in how to heal others, but also – how to heal ourselves. With the Qoach app, simple daily tracking takes the pain out of accountability. In one easy step, clients can sync their app with many other popular health apps to make it easier to keep their daily activities top of mind, and for you to keep track of their progress.

You can send instant personal messages to your clients; save time with group messages; or plan ahead with scheduled messages. You can also create forum-style groups and leaderboards that drive further engagement with your clients. Scaling up is easy too. Whether you have 5 clients or 5,000, we carefully ensure the security and confidentiality of your information.

As a new student, we are offering the use of Qoach free for the first 3 months! Simply connect with an Admission Advisor at 877-888-8970 to find out how you can start changing lives with this new technology.

Receive Te2 Vital Force Immunity Booster Homeopathic Kits


The Vital Force Immunity Booster Kit includes:

 TFlu (Q Flu) (Acute – Immunity – oscillococcinum like)

TDefense (Q Immunity) (Booster for chronic and acute deficiency)

*Suggested use – as soon as you notice any flu-like symptoms, take 10 drops and then 5 drops every hour. These products are homeopathic remedies intended to shut down the flu before it reaches your system.

*Please note – these homeopathic products are not intended to treat, cure or replace any traditional medicine.

Get Board Certified as a Doctor of Integrative or Natural Medicine with 31+ Newly Updated Courses and counting

Quantum University offers a Doctorate and PhD in Natural or Integrative Medicine.
These degree programs are designed to provide healthcare practitioners a multidimensional model of integrative quantum medicine, implemented with diverse modalities based on an understanding of quantum physics such as anatomy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, neurofeedback, biofeedback, biology, hematology, herbology, homeopathy, homotoxicology, hormonology, neurolinguistics, nutrition, psychology, and Taoist medicine.

*Quantum University also offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
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