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Quantum University’s founder, Dr. Paul Drouin, believes that “If you have a real desire to help others, if this is your mission, then the universe will provide you with what is needed to make this happen.”

Tuition Options

Quantum University offers a variety of tuition plans including an in-house financing program with no interest and no credit check. This allows students, with a minimal payment every month, to be able to afford their education without going into debt. Each tuition plan includes a choice of tuition awards to reduce the cost of tuition, and most plans include free educational tools such as an iPad or BrainTap. Tuition programs are also available to students who want to find other creative ways to reduce the cost of tuition by volunteering their time to help their community.

Tuition Plans

At Quantum University, we have four tuition plans or payment options for students who:

1) Pay tuition in full at registration

2) Pay $5,000 down with installment payments

3) Pay $2,500 down with installment payments

4) Pay only in monthly installment payments

These options allow students to be able to afford their education with only a minimal monthly payment. In fact, students can enroll and begin their courses for as little as $300 each month. Students will also benefit from the different tuition awards and educational tools included in these tuition plans.

Tuition Awards

A Tuition Award is a discount reducing the cost of tuition for new students at Quantum University. All tuition awards give a direct financial reduction on a student’s tuition cost at enrollment. Some tuition awards are also combined with educational tools such as an iPad and/or BrainTap. Tuition awards are only limited by the tuition plan you choose. Therefore, if a student chooses a tuition plan with a higher down payment, he or she can receive more benefits and a higher tuition award to help lower the overall cost of tuition.

Educational Tools

Quantum University offers educational tools such as an iPad and/or BrainTap, depending on the tuition plan a student chooses during the admissions process. The iPad tablet is the most recent model available from Apple and is loaded, formatted, and customized according to each student’s specific program. The BrainTap is a unique headset that combines light and sound frequencies with guided medication to facilitate course reviews resulting in higher retention and memory formation. Both these educational tools greatly benefit the learner during his or her student experience.

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``Attending Quantum University online was the best decision I've ever made...becoming a student changed my life because it actually gave me the knowledge and the foundation to move into integrative medicine.``

Testimonial Jere Rivera-Dugenio
Jere Rivera-Dugenio
Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine

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When you enroll in a Doctorate and PhD Degree Program at Quantum University, depending on the tuition plan you choose, not only can you take advantage of our Highest Tuition Awards EVER to reduce the cost of tuition, but because it’s our 15-year anniversary, Quantum University will add to your program an additional bundle of special online video courses (a $1800 value) from the following Quantum University Faculty:

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Brain and Neuroplasticity

Lynne McTaggart

Field Trilogy Masterclass

Yury Kronn

Dr. Yury Kronn

Subtle Energy 101

Dr. Paul Drouin profile

Dr. Paul Drouin

Pro-Consciousness Meditation

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Quantum University was founded in 2002 by Canadian medical doctor, Paul Drouin, who was inspired by a new vision of health care to create exceptional education in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine. Quantum University provides a unique opportunity for students to earn degrees and the proper credentials to become certified and respected as health practitioners in order to help individuals and communities in need all around the world.

By 2017, Quantum University student enrollment has grown to nine thousand students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures in more than seventy countries throughout the world. They all have one thing in common: they wish to make a difference in the lives of their families and communities. They enrolled at Quantum University to become Quantum Heroes and gain the education to make a meaningful difference in the world, find their purposes, and follow their dreams.

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